The National Theatre of Scotland is delighted to announce a new short film commission opportunity for Black artists and artists from the African and/or Caribbean diaspora, including those with mixed heritage. 

The application deadline is 09:00 on Tuesday 19th of December 2023. 

Total film commission: £12,000 

This commission encourages artists to look for stories in their communities, explore personal experiences, shared moments, or imagined worlds and do it in the genre that inspires them. 

We welcome a diverse range of short film ideas including scripted, non-verbal, movement, creative documentary, animation, immersive, experimental or abstract, but the project must be narrative-driven - the film's central emphasis should be on communicating a story. 

The commissioned film should be a minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 minutes long. 


  •  Lead artists (writer / writer-director) and the core creative team are Black/from the African and /or Caribbean diaspora (including Mixed Heritage) 
  • Based and working in Scotland, have the legal right to work in the UK, are 18 + years old and are not in full-time in education.
  • Artists from any art form who want to make a short film.
  • Open to early career artists who have had at least one piece of work produced (live performance, music video, self-funded short film, etc). However, artists with a feature film or TV series writer/director credit are not eligible.
  • All ideas and material must be original and not infringe on the copyright of any other person. However, adaptations will be eligible if you have been granted all required permissions in full. 

We welcome applications from individual artists, collectives, joint applications from artists, theatre companies, arts organisations, and freelance producers. Applications from creatives who haven’t worked with the National Theatre of Scotland before are very much encouraged. 

National Theatre of Scotland